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You don’t really notice that it’s been raining every weekend until you want to re-do the seal on the Maxxair fan on the van so you can put floors down and it’s been a month and there’s literally not been a 48 hour stretch without rain. Do I sound a little crazy? I feel a little crazy. I want my floors! Getting the floors down feels like a huge step because it’s something that you can actually see completed and makes the van have that liiiiitle bit of a feeling of a house rather than a giant metal box. I’ve been distracting myself by trying to finalize plans for the layout of the inside.

We’ve flip-flopped a bunch of times about where the shower should go, since it’s for sure going to take up the majority of the space (other than the bed) and really determines how everything else will fit. Here’s a little rough draft of what we’re thinking so far:

I’ll start from the back… We really want to have the bed going “long-ways,” as in – our heads will be by the back door as opposed to on one of the side walls. This is mostly because Zach’s too tall to fit sideways and being all crammed up all the time would suck. Also, I am weird and like to hang my feet off the end of bed sometimes. Having the sleeping situation being as comfortable as possible was one of the most important things to us, because what do you miss most when you’re not at home but your bed? We’re also planning to go with a 10″ queen size Bear Mattress for ULTIMATE sleeping satisfaction. We have a king size Tempur Pedic at home, so we’re basically already spoiled AF. We want to build the bed down into the platform so that only a few inches show on the top of it. That will allow us to build small cubbies into the platform on the driver’s side of the van for storage (thinking closet-type stuff here).

Underneath the bed platform with access from the back doors of the van will be surfboard/snowboard storage with a rubber mat for wet stuff, water tanks, and other stuff we won’t really need to get to when we’re inside. We have thought about doing a large pull-out down here for easier access but haven’t looked much into it yet. Definitely open to suggestions here. From the cabin side we’re thinking some more small cubbies in the front for clothes storage and things like that.

One of the reasons we are thinking of putting the shower towards the back of the van by the bed as opposed to right behind the driver’s seat like we had originally thought was because of the separation between “kitchen”/”bedroom” that it allows. It makes the bed seem a little cozier back there in it’s little nook. It also gives us extra wall space for not only the kitchen side, but also on the bed side to have hooks or hang things for easy access. We found this super cool retractable door for the shower. It eliminates the need for a traditional door to the bathroom which solves the problem of opening the door into each other all the time and freaking Reilley out every time we use the shower.

We have the built-in desk on the passenger side of the van with stools that fit underneath, but also double as boxes for storage. We really wanted to be able to sit somewhere to eat and not always be having to eat in the bed, and we also wanted to have space to sit and work. I hope the boxes work out because they would be perfect for things like dirty laundry or dog food and supplies, but could also be used to put back against the bed to help Reilley up into the bed since he’s getting older and the bed is going to be pretty tall.

On the driver’s side we have the “kitchen.” With an undermount stainless sink, a Dometic stove with a cover so we can have more space when we’re not using it (plus it’ll always look clean, haha). Hoping to do a pull-out for the top-access refrigerator which will be right behind the driver’s seat. AKA – easy access to snacks and drinks while on the road. Most of the kitchen storage will be on the “backsplash” wall and in the overhead cabinets which will actually line most of the van. We are still considering adding a little storage area above the cabin since it’s soo high and kind of unused space currently, but haven’t totally decided on that.

Most of the fronts of cabinets and shower, etc. will be white to make sure it feels nice and clean and as big as it can seem being that it IS still a van. We want to keep it super natural looking though, so floors will just be painted plywood (to keep as much head space as possible we don’t want to put anything else on top of that layer). For the counter tops we are thinking of butcher block to keep with the natural wood theme.

We are still in the planning stages, and are SO welcome to any ideas or suggestions. Please let us know what you think in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Van Layout Plans

  1. Sounds awesome. Would there be room to put the surfboards/snowboards at an angle so wet stuff drains either toward shower or out back of van?
    I have quite a few kitchen space saving ideas….

    1. That’s a great idea, I’m not sure how I only just saw this response!! I have an updated kitchen “blueprint” I may need to run by you!

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