6 Things We Learned Our First Weekend in the Van

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Having a toilet in your van is a game changer. We brought our Nature’s Head with us since we weren’t sure where we would be sleeping overnight and wanted to have a place to pee just in case it ended up being some random parking lot. It was amazing. We didn’t have to look for a bathroom all weekend, and could even just stop on the side of the road and go to the back to pee if we had to. I honestly don’t know how people van life without a toilet at all. I’m already spoiled and don’t even live in it full-time yet.

May Van Update + Why We Painted Our Van

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I feel like I haven’t updated you all on the van in forever, and now that we have it back from Register’s all painted we are starting to make progress waay faster, so I am definitely overdue for a van post!

Back up… painted? Yes, we decided to do a full-body paint job on the van. Yes, it was expensive. Yes, it was 100% worth it. I did talk a little bit about this on the Living Without Walls Instagram, but I have the space to go a little more into detail on here. So, for starters when we bought the van this is what it looked like (not including photos of the 8,000 motocross stickers baked into the paint on the back):

The Van Who Shall Not be Named (Lord Vandemort)

Van Conversion

But, like, why do you wanna live in a van?

Most of my friends and family are well aware that I’ve been on a mission to live in the mountains for quite some time now. Every time I take a snow trip I start planning a way to be there full time for winter. As a matter of fact, when I met Zach in April I was in the process of cleaning my house out and getting it ready to rent out for the winter – the plan was to move to Colorado in September of 2018. After a few months of spending time with him, I decided to put that plan on hold to see where things went. Obviously it’s going pretty dang good. One random weekday, Zach picked me up from work for lunch and I just randomly showed him a picture of this couple that I follow on instagram that live full-time in a converted van. We talked about it kind of casually during lunch, but then both thought about it for the rest of the afternoon at work (in other words I spent the entire day on pinterest looking at van pics…duh). By the time I got home and it was brought up again I think we both knew that it was something we were both suuuper into.