The Van Who Shall Not be Named (Lord Vandemort)

Van Conversion

But, like, why do you wanna live in a van?

Most of my friends and family are well aware that I’ve been on a mission to live in the mountains for quite some time now. Every time I take a snow trip I start planning a way to be there full time for winter. As a matter of fact, when I met Zach in April I was in the process of cleaning my house out and getting it ready to rent out for the winter – the plan was to move to Colorado in September of 2018. After a few months of spending time with him, I decided to put that plan on hold to see where things went. Obviously it’s going pretty dang good. One random weekday, Zach picked me up from work for lunch and I just randomly showed him a picture of this couple that I follow on instagram that live full-time in a converted van. We talked about it kind of casually during lunch, but then both thought about it for the rest of the afternoon at work (in other words I spent the entire day on pinterest looking at van pics…duh). By the time I got home and it was brought up again I think we both knew that it was something we were both suuuper into.