October Van Update!

Van Conversion

Zach’s been working pretty hard on the van, even though we’ve had some RIDICULOUS setbacks (I’m looking at you Florence). It may not look like much, but it’s pretty important to get all this little stuff right before we start really building. Having a house that leaks or is rusty would be pretty…uhh not pretty. Also he’s not bad to look at. Check it out!

Here’s some links to the stuff we used or showed in this video. We love buying from Amazon because when we’re ready to start on something we can usually get the supplies we need before the weekend. Just a quick disclaimer that if you purchase something through these links it can actually help us build our van by earning us a small commission, but don’t worry – it won’t cost you anything extra!

This is the Maxxair Fan we went with. We did the deluxe because it has a rain shield, which means you don’t have to freak out if your fan’s open and it starts to come down. It also comes with a sweet remote. Which is actually kind of silly since we will be able to reach the actual fan from the bed, but hey A REMOTE, GUYS!

For installing the fan, you’ll need the following supplies: Butyl Seal Tape and Sealant which we definitely recommend learning from our mistakes and just buying it online. We were all like, nah we’ll just find it at Home Depot.  Not.

You can find the Rattletrap here. This stuff is legit. It made our van go from sounding like a filing cabinet on wheels to basically not sounding like much of anything. If you watched the video you’ll see that it comes with a little roller that’s pretty helpful for installation as well.

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