November Van Update / Costume Contest Recap

Van Conversion

We picked the van up from the mechanic yesterday! The last person we took it to in Charlotte before coming home after the hurricane told us that we would probably need a new transmission soon, so we took it to a dealership in town who has a mechanic specializing in Sprinters (D&E on Market St). After changing a bunch of fluids and some other technical shit I don’t really understand he came to the conclusion that we don’t actually have to get a new transmission right yet, but probably will at some point (duh, thanks guy). So basically we have been researching what kind of trans we would like to put in it when the time comes, but moving forward with the build until we are there.

So… yew, van build continues! Feels super good to be back to making progress. And by progress I mean Zach is actually outside putting the Maxx Air Fan on top of the van AKA cutting a giant square out of the roof and I am sitting inside with hot apple cider writing this. Balance. (FYI – I’m including a link to the product, and I may get a small commission if you purchase).

Anyways, wanted to give a quick recap & share Zach’s video from the Surf City Fall Foamy contest we did yesterday up in Topail. It was Zach’s first ever contest experience and he got to do it while wearing a baboon suit. What better way to break yourself in. The contest had an open and a women’s 8′ Wavestorm division and a 54″ Beater board division. We both surfed in our respective divisions for Wavestorm and Zach also did the Beater board. He won both his first heats, and I got second in mine, taking me to finals and Zach to Round 2/Semi’s. Although he didn’t make it out of his Round 2 heats, I ended up getting a third place finish.

It was a super fun time, with a great and friendly crowd on the beach and some small little glassy waves all day. After the sun came out and it warmed up we followed to contest up by some Shaka Tacos shrimp bowls and headed back home to CB.

Very successful weekend overall and very excited to be moving forward once again on the van and being one step closer to the goal.

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