Empathy and Impermanence


Ahhh, empathy. A gift and a curse. Sometimes I think I would give just about anything to be the kind of person who could walk through their day without noticing how people around them are feeling. That’s not a trait I was blessed with. No, I encounter one sad, aggravated, or impatient person and I embody those emotions for… umm… too long to admit, unless I work really hard to avoid it. It’s why I am super selective about who I spend time with and probably also why I love Zach’s usually extremely positive attitude. It does have it’s benefits, I will say. For example, I always know when something is bothering someone and can choose whether or not I want to try to help… just kidding! Ok, no I’m not.

Chocolate Bunnies


Everyone has missed someone at some point in their life. Me, I feel like I’ve done a lot of it. Growing up I had severe anxiety being away from my mom. I remember my aunt taking me to the park to play while my parents were away one weekend and insisting on bringing a framed picture of my mom in her wedding dress with us. I ended up just sitting there crying most of the time.

Am I Dreaming?

Life, Travel

Remember how I was posting all kinds of stuff about signs, and focusing on things you love to do no matter how good or bad you are at them? Of course you do, they’re right down there. Well, I wrote all that stuff fully believing in it and the power of manifestation but now I am here to tell you to KEEP BELIEVING, and as Ben Gravy would say KEEP PUSHING FOR THE DREAM.