Making New Memories


Yesterday at work I was helping a woman who had her grandson with her for her appointment. He was the sweetest child with the brightest eyes and most genuine, knowing smile. Seeing a well behaved 6-7 year old up in here is kind of rare, so we get excited. I was chatting with him when he came up to me and whispered a “secret” in my ear, and it’s still a secret for me because I have absolutely no clue what he said, but when they were leaving he looked me dead in the eye and told me to “keep making new memories, don’t forget.”

A Week in Mammoth


There’s something about a small town in the mountains. How the snow-covered peaks can somehow make you feel like such a small speck but simultaneously so on top of the world. How the whole town being buried in snow can make everything that much more cozy. Coffee tastes better, blankets are more comfy, and fireplaces are actually being used for warmth and not just aesthetics. The crunch of the snow beneath your feet, but also the amazing silence of cruising through a deep patch of powder in the woods.

We decided to go to Mammoth Lakes, California for this trip because we know we want to spend next winter in the mountains somewhere. California was a no-brainer because we are still able to make trips and drive to surf, so we took this opportunity to go out and ride an awesome mountain while also scoping it out for next winter season.