What Feels Right


Does anyone else think back on what you thought your life was going to be like when you were older? Maybe you wanted to be a veterinarian, or work for a big company in New York City. Growing up I always had a mental block and couldn’t look past 22 for some reason. Graduating college was this weird black abyss. Then, as I got a little older I just always imagined that I would be sitting in an office somewhere in business casual attire. WTF?



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do for work when we move into the van. I’ve been so torn between wanting to do something mindless that has flexible hours so that I can work whenever I have the time, trying to do something that’s my “own,” like selling my art, or trying to find something that might help me later on in life. It seems kind of obvious when I write it out that the last option is the best but it’s also the hardest. I pretty much have no idea what I could do from the road that would help me down the road, and I also feel like I don’t really have enough skills to land a job doing anything that I might be able to think up.

Yesterday I applied to a few jobs that could possibly be good learning experiences for the future, and are also seasonal so it would allow for travel during the fall/spring and a different job in the mountains during the winter. This is really the goal for right now is to have seasonal positions with travel in the shoulder seasons. It still just didn’t really feel right though. Then, last night I was watching a video that Hannah posted on her Instagram story last night about purpose, and finding what your life’s purpose is. It was also about being creative and doing things that bring you joy even if you don’t feel like you’re “good” at it right away.