Weekend at the Hobbit House


Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to have a boyfriend who is not only super patient with me when I’m having a hard time but will also literally do anything to make me happy? Well, I am. I’m so super thankful for him, too. Last Sunday after spending every weekend of the new year at home either working on the van or working on the house I started to feel really… worn out and restless.

A Picture (Years and Years)


A picture. A picture on an old external hard drive that I hadn’t plugging into a computer for years. A picture that I never wanted anyone to see. A picture that I was never really okay with having taken, but one that exists none the less. For you, maybe just a really uncomfortable picture to see – but for me it represents years of not really wanting to, of guilt, of feeling like this is just how it has to be.

The Magic of New Beginnings


I’ve never been one to necessarily want to stay up and watch the ball drop at midnight for New Years, but I have always loved the magic that January first brings. It’s kind of like that feeling on a Monday morning, where you have all the good intentions to make the week a great one and everything seems a little more possible than it does on Wednesday afternoon when you’re tired and REEeeally don’t want to get that workout in and would rather just curl up on the couch.