Pre-COVID Ramblings & Life Update

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I wrote this maybe 2 days before we all got laid off from our jobs due to Coronavirus. It’s pretty crazy looking back and realizing that I was feeling restless then, and now I’ve been home for almost 4 months and am juuuust starting to feel that little itch to travel again.

Six Months of Van Living…

How can something simultaneously feel so long and so short? I took one of Ashley Galvin’s yoga classes today and she talked about noticing how your mind starts to race when you slow down and there’s no physical movement to distract you. I laid there in pigeon pose thinking about how true that is for my life. When we’re moving and traveling it’s really easy to not get caught up in… well, honestly, much of anything. We’re so busy finding places to sleep, get water, eat, planning routes and stops… There’s no time to really worry about too much. It’s easy to focus on existing and completing tasks one at a time. When we’re stationary though, whether that be in the van or the house we fall into routines. I have too much time to think. My mind starts to wander. Restlessness sweeps in like a summer storm, unexpected but powerful. I find myself craving movement, new places, old places and familiar faces, anything but the last few months day to day.